Tips & Strategies

Simply take SwatMate’s lid off when going after a fly (easier to catch when they’re not flying) lay the SwatMate over the bug so it can fly into the sticky pad and put the lid back on after the catch. With non flying bugs you simply just scoop them up onto the SwatMate. The SwatMate comes with 3 disposable glue-pads that are perfect for flies & similarly sized bugs.

  • SwatMate is for those folks that need to get rid of a bug ASAP,  but without the mess
  • With bugs that crawl you can scrape them into the SwatMate using the cover
  • Best to be within 6 inches from fly when attempting to catch
  • Although fruit flies are not as fast as regular flies, they prove even trickier to catch in flight
  • Flies are annoying & often uninvited pests in our homes that can easily contaminate food & spread disease. Because of this, flies should be eliminated at first glance
  • Only use the sticky side of the SwatMate to catch flies
  • SwatMate is not made to swat flies like a conventional fly swatter
  • Since it is difficult to catch bugs in mid-air it is recommended to catch bugs after they land on a surface

SwatMate vs. Regular Fly Swatter

  • But I can buy a regular Fly Swatter for just a buck?!
  • Most people are grossed out by splatted bugs.
  • Splatted bugs can permanently stain walls & fabrics.
  • You definitely do not want to splat a bug on top of important papers/docs.
  • You have to clean surface & wash swatter after a splatted kill before storing away.

SwatMate vs. Handheld Bug Zappers

  • But bug zappers are cool!
  • You have to spend over $20 for a descent zapper since most breaks down easily.
  • They need batteries.
  • Can’t have them near children for risk of painful shocks.
  • There’s popping sounds when zapping bugs (Although I’ll admit some folks enjoy the popping sound)
  • It emits an awful burning smell when bugs are frying in zapper.
  • Bugs frequently get stuck inside wire grid/mesh which can be a task trying to remove them from there.

Restaurant use: since there’s food all over the place it’s better to catch them vs trying to swat/zap them, risking smacking bugs on food. You don’t want to gross out patrons/customers swatting bugs with typical fly swatters or zapping them, which makes noise and of course, you have to pick up the bugs from the surface after zapping or swatting them.

All Fly Swatters comes with 3-Pack of Glue Pads. Shipping and Handling not Included.

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