Fly Swatter Burgundy

Includes 3-Pack of Glue Pads

SwatMate is great for food preparation sites like kitchens; basically places that attract flies & must maintain sanitary conditions while at the same time not gross out customers &/or themselves by splatting bugs with regular fly swatters. Many folks are even grossed out by the popping sound & burning smell of bugs frying in hand-held zappers.

  • Splat-Less Swatting!!
  • Made of plastic
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Environmentally safe alternative to insect sprays
  • No batteries needed, unlike zappers
  • 3 Glue Pads included
  • SwatMate is MADE IN USA (glue pads are made in China)
  • SwatMate Dimensions: L 14.625″ x H 0.688″ x W 4.625″   Weight: 2.2 oz
4.99 Plus shipping and handling

All Fly Swatters comes with 3-Pack of Glue Pads. Shipping and Handling not Included.

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