About Us

Our small company, EGR Enterprises LLC is based out of New Jersey, has been in business for over a year.  We strive to offer a quality product, at an affordable price & great customer service, not to mention manufacturing most of our products here in the USA! Our company consist of 2 employees, Ranfi (owner and basically holds every other position imaginable one could have in a company) and Naty (fiancé, trusted confidant and a couple of other positions as well).

We were issued a U.S. Patent May 25, 2010 – Patent #: 7,721,486.


  • Make SwatMate the go-to Fly Swatter for those folks who prefer splat-less swatting.
  • Always make it affordable.
  • For the SwatMate to always be manufactured in the USA.

The Patented SwatMate is a practical & innovative way of swatting flies, or better yet, catching them! SwatMate is for those folks that need to get rid of bugs ASAP, but without the mess. It’s great for restaurants, butcher shops, food preparation sites, etc.; basically places that attract flies and must maintain sanitary conditions while at the same time not gross out customers or themselves by splatting bugs with regular fly swatters. Many folks are even grossed out by the popping sound and burning smell of bugs frying in hand-held zappers (not to mention some zappers are known to break down frequently).

Simply take SwatMate’s lid off when going after a fly (easier to catch when they’re not flying) lay the SwatMate over the bug so it can fly into the sticky pad and put the lid back on after the catch. With non flying bugs you simply just scoop them up onto the SwatMate. The SwatMate comes with 3 disposable glue-pads that are perfect for flies & similarly sized bugs.

All Fly Swatters comes with 3-Pack of Glue Pads. Shipping and Handling not Included.

For orders outside of USA & it's territories please purchase from Ebay.com

For dealer and wholesale pricing please Email us at sales@swatmate.com

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